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Special Design Dress

Wouldn't you like to be the most elite woman in your environment and feel the eyes around you with a dress designed and tailored for you? We are sure that, like every woman, you want to feel that you are a rare flower and to be the shining star of your environment. Our specially designed dress options are always available in our store as a great opportunity and are waiting for your requests.

You will love the specially designed dress models designed by the famous designer Berfuğ Kıran. Each of our dress models designed and designed by Berfuğ Kıran is different from each other. Adopting a personalized clothing style, Berfuğ Kıran offers the most spectacular alternatives by determining the color, tailor-made fabric and tailor-made options for you. With ruffles, ruffles, lace, mesh, slits, low sleeves, single sleeves, low-cut ... And you can take a look at our aisle for specially designed dress models with hundreds of its own lines.

Special Design Stylish Dress Models

After finding the dress that is tailored for you among the stylish dress models, we continue to offer you our special services. If you wish, you can come to your location with our designer Berfuğ Kıran and start the dress rehearsals and start the production of the dress that will be sewn to fit your full body sizes. If your work has come to a situation where it is urgent, you can order the dress that will fit your body size and lines again in line with the ideas and suggestions of our famous designer. We undertake the delivery of the product you purchase personally. These special dresses, which we have obtained by working on days, weeks and sometimes months, are also very valuable for us. We definitely think they deserve to be delivered by hand. Thus, we continue our delivery services with our special vehicles. All you have to do is to visit our store and decide on the dress in which you will feel exactly as you want to feel. You will remember once again that you are a rare flower with our special designs and services.

Daily Stylish Dresses

Who said just to be stylish on special days and nights? It is in your hands to crown even the most ordinary day and include it in the most special days of your life. It will be extremely easy to start this beauty with your outer appearance and carry it to your inner world. The daily dress models you can find in our store are also stylish. It is extremely easy to adapt to your daily life while choosing stylish dress models. Different fabric selection, different decollete details or adding different cutting techniques, you deserve to carry a dress that is unique to you. If you want to make a more professional choice, our expert designer Bertuğ Kıran is ready to advise you! You can request a professional support from the appointment page in our store. For us, every woman is special and awaits to discover and reveal the special details. Get ready to reveal your own special features!

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